RedArrow News

September 24, 2013

Recent features added to RedArrowOnline:

  • Document scanning for CCF and other (Event Records)
  • Test merging
  • Query save
  • Open items work list
  • Ability to view Quant levels on forensic test report
  • Customize “from” address for e-mail reporting
  • Report results electronically (XML, CISNet aka “everitest”)
  • New user guide/wiki site with more free training videos
More to come in 2013!

RedArrowOnline is Compliance Information System's next generation of software for the management of drug and alcohol testing and background screening programs. Offered as a true cloud-based program, there is absolutely nothing to install and your data is backed up automatically and stored securely.
Key features include: the ability to download drug test results from over 16 SAMSHA certified laboratories, automated results reporting, branded web portal, random pool group management, compliance reports, MRO tools, random selections, integrated background check ordering, electronic CCF integration ( and billing.

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